I know, this world seems like it is falling apart, it’s not, I want you to stay focus and keep your eyes on God.   Stay focus on the things above.   Make sure you keep your eyes, ears, heart, and words with positive messages, with positive things, and be in the company of those that are positive, you can do this.


I pray for you and for your family and for those you pray for.   Listen, it will all work out.   Do not fear.   Do not give up.   Do not give in.   Keep your faith.   Read your bible.   Be in the company of those that are like minded as you, value the same as you do and have respect for self and others.   You will know them by their fruit.   


Operate God gifts, talents and discernment within you.   God Holy Spirit within you will teach you all things and guide you.   I speak and release God strength, protection, peace, joy, unity, harmony, laughter, happiness, favor, provision, mercy, grace, forgiveness, blessings, benefits, good health, healing and so much more goodness into your life, by faith it is now manifested into your life and all around you.   Every good and perfect gift is from God to you.   Let the mind of Christ and God wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and guidance operate within you, so that you are able to know what to do and what to say.   Know God for yourself and have a personal relationship with Him. 


Pray daily for the nonbeliever and for the believer.  Know this, your Father in Heaven, His Holy Spirit within you and His son’s Jesus, loves you.  Be bless always.

Accept Christ into your life.