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Always remember, all things are subject to change with prayers. It is always mind over the matter of every thought.

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Don't Give Up

Listen, do not rush your life, do not say, I wish this day or week go by, listen, enjoy each day and enjoy every 52 weeks in the year, you will never get it back, create things that will be good for you and for all others.   Let this day matter to you, being change and seeing change not only in self but, also, in the lives of others and remember, some things and people you cannot change, so, don’t get yourself all worried about it, with prayers, we can change those things we can in a positive way and, those things we cannot change, give that burden to the Lord and He will work it out, oh yes He will.

There are things in life we can’t understand nor explain and, there are those things we have not experience that we can’t understand nor explain, therefore, if someone is sharing some knowledge, we can listen and try to understand what this person is saying.   It is a good thing to listen.  Every day we will learn daily lessons from others and from our own mistakes and, we are never too old to learn something new, and there is nothing new under the sun, only new to those who have not experience life changes.

Technology and life, changes daily, therefore, keep moving forward and keep learning daily.   Know this, listening to others cause us to learn many lessons and, it will benefit us in some kind of way.    Always remember; you have those that are chosen to know their calling, not yours, so this person want understand what you are saying and, there are those who are chosen to know your calling and understand what you are saying, we all are called, anointed, appointed to perform our calling to bless self, families and others, but, we must always be wise in everything and with people.   Choose wisely who you will listen to.  Be bless always. Accept Christ Jesus Amen

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